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Landscape architect

I Maria white

I am a passionate landscape architect who want to share her creativity with the world.  I’ve created a landscape process that will allow us to work together virtually with ease.  

What I do

I have curated step by step instructions on how to sketch out your landscape, take measurements, photos, and more!  This way, I can look at your files and start building out a layout with you that will work.


It’s a step by step instruction list where I will teach you how to organize your landscape ideas, create measurements, take photos, and sketch out your backyard


Conceptual Design

Once you’ve curated all your landscape ideas and put together the measurements, I will personally begin working with you one on one for your conceptual design.

Construction Drawings

Now that your conceptual design has been completed, it’s time to take the drawings to a contractor, which means I’ll convert that design to CAD for you.  

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Take your landscape to the next level with I Maria White!

MY Latest Work

Peruse some of the conceptual designs that I’ve put together for clients recently.  

Finding a landscape architect can be challenging.  I’ve made it easy.  You can start working with me virtually right now.

Award winning Design

I’ve worked on residential, commercial, and environmental projects all around the world.  The versatility that my team will allow us to understand the nuances of your landscape to get the best possible design possible.  

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